Explore The Luxurious World of KEMZO HOTEL

Enjoy ONE NIGHT STAY in Kemzo Cabana's luxurious suites along with the serene, refreshing and rejuvenating vibes you’re looking for.

First off, you’ll be hitting one of the pools to shake off all your troubles.

Moving on to the exciting activities, your next stop would be the bungee run, the soap soccer or the Somo fight. But first you might want to warm up at our, fully equipped with the latest, gym.

Because everyone enjoys a healthy competition, you and your family can enjoy the football and volleyball fields.

But if you’re the type who likes to pamper yourself then the Kemzo sunbeds are perfect for a nice tan or you could pamper yourself with relaxing atmosphere. After such an eventful day you’ll be needing to cool off at our superb spa.


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